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How 5 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Asia Travel

The climate is cooler than the rest of Bali and the high number of expats ensures there is lots of good food - and great bakeries - that kids will enjoy. Most of the Balinese shows (dancing, singing, theatre) are bright, loud, energetic - and outdoors - making them perfect for children.

But travel should be about compromise (primarily for my kids, then my wife, rarely me) and if there's one cultural destination in Southeast Asia that works really well with children then it's Ubud. And to be honest the kids would probably enjoy one of the beaches (Jimbaran, Sanur, Nusa Dua) more than Ubud. I could give lots of tips for traveling to Southeast Asia with kids but I'm going to mention just one here because I think it could make a huge difference in planning your trip.

I traveled in Southeast Asia for almost 6 weeks and didn't get scammed once because I knew what to avoid and watch out for! I'm not telling you this to scare you — you should just read up on some of the most common scams before you go so that you can know what to look out for. The Hindu Khmers left a string of magnificent monuments, the most impressive of which can be seen at Angkor in Cambodia, while the Buddhists' most impressive legacies include the colossal ninth-century stupa of Borobudur in Indonesia and the temple-strewn plain of Bagan in Myanmar.

Southeast Asia travel news's myriad temple complexes are some of the region's best-known attractions. Pack travel-sized toiletries and leave your full-sized bottles behind. It might be a little harder in more remote areas, and you probably won't find the brand you like, but if you run out of toothpaste, you'll be fine.

You can buy things you need , like shampoo, soap, contact solution, and almost anything else, in Southeast Asia. … you are the shame of Western europe to abroad …you have to know and to behave in consequence please..if some of you think that i'm exagerating, just look and listen, everywhere in South asia, and certainly everywhere in the world..you are in holidays, ok..but maybe your neighbors or the local people around you are NOT in holidays!!! You have a tendency to shout rather than speak, to make noise, in couple or group, always acting as if you were alone in earth..Even if you know that the owner of the guest house sleeps just next door, even if his childrens have to sleep to go at school the next morning, it will not matter, you continue until late at night yelling like pigs, in total disrespect of your neighborsI therefore ask you this: learn to respect your neighbors, cease to believe you higher because the whole world must understand you and speak your language when you do not speak any other language except yours..the local bad feel towards overseas is due in large part to your behavior..Vang Vieng but the Thai islands are the best examples of your behavior incredibly bad.English women love to put almost naked, where the local dress head to toe in all sacred places or elsewhere, you English women you absolutely not respect the modesty of local people, in bikini everywhere..we thing that you really behave badly, the whole world hates you for that, but you don't care and continue..if ever someone notice it to you, you laugh..You, English, you must to know it, please, SHUT UP, and respect local cultures and your neighbors..your culture based on easy friendship, nudity in public places, and shouting" must stop!!!.Please be respectful and forget your huge egos!!!

I also don't think a few weeks is enough time to learn much of a language, though I wouldn't want to discourage you! However, most places you'll find you'll be fine communicating as locals speak at least some English and much communication isn't verbal anyways, as I've learned through the years. In Thailand that would be Thai, Malay in Malaysia, etc.

Depends on which country you're in regarding which language is spoken the most widely. Click here to learn more about the book and start reading it today! It also has money-saving advice from the experts, info on working on the road, and everything you need to make planning your trip of a lifetime a quick and painless process!
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